Tired of Windows and dealing with viruses and failed updates?

It’s time to switch to Apple Mac OS X and iOS

mogge.info can help.

We will work with you from pre-purchase advice through completed installation. You can rely on mogge.info for ongoing support and maintenance after you make the switch.

Do you have an iPhone that you’d like to sync your contacts, calendar and mail with? Would you like to have your passwords safely saved across your phone, iPad and computer? With the free Apple iCloud service, this happens automatically over wifi.

A MacBook Air is a lightweight but fully functional laptop. Trade in your Windows laptop and have complete access to all your work documents, all the time. If you use specific applications that must be run on Windows, consider Vmware Fusion as an easy way to run Windows on your Mac. You can also use Parallels or Boot Camp to run the latest versin of Windows.

home-img1Is your Office still running Windows on the file server? With a Mac Mini server, you can easily share files locally and across the Internet. Mac OS X Server includes VPN software that makes remote access secure. Mac OS X Server can host Internet Services to meet your needs: File Sharing, VPN, Mail, Web Wiki, Calendar Sharing, iMessage Server.