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When sending email, does your Mac auto-complete the wrong address?  The Previous Recipients Window can fix that!

Every time you send an email message using the Mail application on your Mac, that address is added to a list that contains the recipient’s name, email address, date last used and whether that entry is in your Contacts application.

While having the auto-complete feature is very convenient when sending to email addresses that you frequently use, it can be annoying when an incorrect or outdated email address comes up.

Here’s how to fix it:

  1. In Mail, select Windows from the pull down menu
  2. Select Previous Recipients and a new window will open
  3. Select the problem entry and then click on the “Remove From List” button in the bottom left corner.

You can also add an entry to your Contacts by clicking on the button in the lower right corner.  To sort the Previous Recipients window, click on the column header (Name, Email, Last Used).  Click on the small triangle to change the order of the list up or down.

If you are composing or reading an email, a click on the triangle next to the address will offer the option to “Remove from Previous Recipients List”  in the pull-down menu that appears.


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